Who We Are

Unlike many family law firms, our office will never attempt to capitalize on our clients’ vulnerability. Instead, the firm works diligently to ensure our clients possess the necessary knowledge to make the most effective decisions possible all while being completely transparent and consistently accessible. Regardless of your legal needs, we will advocate on your behalf inside the courtroom while still providing you with the compassionate and dedicated personal attention that you deserve. Your goals become the firm’s goals and effectively safeguarding clients’ current and long term interests is our top priority.

Being a party to any litigation can be extremely stressful. When dealing with issues as important and personal as your family and your financial well-being, the stakes are even higher and it is easy to become overwhelmed. In a time of such uncertainty, it is important to find yourself in the hands of a capable attorney that you can trust. The attorneys at Baker Law have a significant concentration in family law practice and understand that practicing in this area of law requires more than simply being well versed in the law, but also a commitment to integrity and respect that many other attorneys lack.

The Human Approach. Our offices are comfortable and relaxed which we find underscores the clarity and calm perspective we offer in support of each client, recognizing the positive difference our approach can make in what is often a most challenging time in a client’s life.

Timely Service. We are dedicated to providing legal services with certainty and with speed: but not haste. If there is a deadline, it is to be met before the expiration of the deadline. Often in litigation, deadlines are subject to completion of a timetable with multiple parties. Not every contingency is foreseeable. However, to the extent that contingencies are foreseeable, our clients are advised and notified in advance and then updated as the matter progresses.

Communication. We utilize electronic communications extensively. We often scan documents and provide them to our clients directly, via email attachment. We have an advanced practice management and document generation software to ensure the consistency and timeliness of the service that you receive.

How to arrange for your initial consult?

Your questions are always confidential. You may arrange an initial consult to review your needs, so you and Attorney Baker or one of our associate attorneys can discuss together whether our practice can best support your goals.

You are invited to contact us by phone or via email. We can be reached Monday through Friday at
607-569-2181, or at your convenience or by visiting our Contact Us page on this web site.