Our Staff

Stephanie Herrick

Stephanie Herrick is a native of the Dundee, N.Y. area and is a tremendous asset. She has been with the firm since the year 2000. She specializes in real estate and related matters as well as matrimonial and family court cases. Stephanie is versatile and knowledgeable on numerous fronts. Not only is she intuitive and capable, she is a real pleasure to all that know and work with her.
Linda K. Stilwell

Linda Stilwell with her optimism and can-do attitude makes marvelous contributions each day and has done so since the year 2001. Linda specializes in bankruptcy matters as well as civil, criminal and estate cases. The firm is fortunate to work with Linda and she is one levelheaded sweetheart and a dedicated professional.
Rochelle L. Casselbury

Rochelle Casselbury, graduate of Mansfield University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, is a tremendous asset to our firm and has been with us since 2009. Rochelle will good naturedly assist with anything and typically works with criminal, civil, Court Examiner, Guardianship and Family Court matters. Her dedication to her children and her continued efforts in expanding her legal education speak volumes.

Jessica Swartz Russell is a native of the Penn Yan, NY area. She graduated from Finger Lakes Community Collage with a Paralegal Associate’s Degree. Jessica has worked in the legal field since 2006 and joined the firm in 2010. She specializes in Real Estate and assists in many other matters, including matrimonial cases, evictions, adoptions, family court, and the drafting of wills and other estate documents. Jessica is a pleasure to work with.

Carol Alexander is a native of Penn Yan and has been an estate paralegal for many decades. She and her staff have been associated with our firm since 2006. Her knowledge of probate proceedings, estate and tax matters is an incredible asset to both the firm and to our clients.